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Cineo TruColor HS Dim to Zero LED Fixtures

TruColor® HS™ from Cineo Lighting is the first color- accurate digital soft source designed specifically to meet the strict standards of motion picture and broadcast production. With more than twice the output of a 2K incandescent soft light, TruColor HS delivers an extended CRI over 95, generates a 160-degree beam spread, and uses less than 500 watts of AC power. 

Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT) eliminates the color-accuracy limitations inherent in LED fixtures. Instead of relying on LEDs as the source of illumination, TruColor HS' independent phosphor panels emit high-quality light when excited by the high-frequency wavelengths from blue LEDs.

  • Highly Accurate Color Rendering:
  • CRI 97 @ 2700K, CRI 96 @ 3200K
  • CRI 96 @ 4300K, CRI 91 @ 5600K
  • CRI 93 @ 6500K
  • Super Bright, Hyper Soft:
  • Over 700 lx @ 3m with a 160° beam spread
  • Dimmable:
  • Local and DMX dimming
  • From 20% to 100% with no color shift
  • Flicker-Free:
  • No flicker at any frame rate
  • Passive Cooling:
  • No fans, no noise
  • Field Replaceable Components:
  • Modular design for easy servicing

Designed and manufactured in the USA


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